The Death of Socrates

The Death of Socrates

Friday, 14 January 2011

Male and Female: a false duality

Men and women are not any kind of opposites. There is no duality here. We share a common humanity, not two natures which somehow have to be reconciled or combined to make a whole. Both male and female images God, indifferently; there is no gender in God and no duality in being.

Heterosexuals tend to perceive the world as a duality, because so much of their mind is influenced by gender ideas.

Homosexuals are not so blinkered :-) On the whole we don't see "gender" as so important.

Women (for a gay man) are like an "alien species" who it is interesting to deal with, can serve as good friends, and share a common dignity as rational conscious beings; but which are not any kind of necessary spiritual or psychological compliment to the male.

After all, there could be any number of other alien species - all sharing a common spiritual dignity while not having any particular complimentary role.

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